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Police: Woman described by witnesses as out-of-control tow truck driver arrested in western WI

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MILWAUKEE -- A Taser didn't stop a woman driving a tow truck who was involved in a series of incidents in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood Tuesday, September 19th. The woman witnesses say was an out-of-control tow truck driver was arrested Wednesday, September 20th in western Wisconsin. MPD officials were in the process of transporting her back to the Milwaukee area.

She's facing potential charges of fleeing, hit-and-run causing great bodily harm, battery to a law enforcement officer, strong armed robbery and resisting an officer.

The case will be presented to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days.

Officials said around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, an officer attempted a traffic stop on a tow truck that was towing a vehicle. The tow truck fled approximately one block, and then crashed into an eastbound vehicle and a parked car at Pierce and Locust Streets. Several people were hurt.

Rodney Lynk

"The whole wall just shook," Rodney Lynk said.

The driver of the tow truck fled on foot and entered the parked vehicle of a witness who stopped near the crash.  After a struggle, the suspect took the witness’ vehicle and fled the area.

When Lynk rushed out to see what happened, he saw three officers trying to stop the woman from driving off in the vehicle she was stealing from an innocent driver.

"They warned her like five times they're going to tase her, and then they finally tased her, and somehow she got over the middle console and one officer was reaching in trying to grab the keys and she took off. Luckily he pulled his arm out," Lynk said.

Lynk said it was clear she wasn't going to give up, and said as she sped away in the stolen car, she ran over a police motorcycle.

"That was crazy. She looked like Wonder Woman. I don't understand how she took the tase and then jumped over and luckily there wasn't a cop on that motorcycle," Lynk said.

Lynk saw much more -- including the damage and injuries caused when the tow truck she was driving crashed into innocent victims.

"The tow truck was here and the van was right here.  It was gruesome. They had to be cut out of the car," Lynk said.

And there was even a potential gas hazard at the scene.

"As you can see, they knocked over the gas meter and they made us evacuate," Lynk said.

Lynk said his hope is that those injured survive and there's justice in this case.

A source told FOX6 the tow truck was recently sold to a man who didn't transfer the license. The woman driving it wasn't supposed to have it.

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