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“Totally disgusted:” Kenosha shelter cares for kitten apparently doused with chemicals, left to die

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Phoenix (PHOTO: Kenosha Forgotten Friends)

WARNING: Photos and video associated with this story are graphic, and may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

KENOSHA — An animal shelter in Kenosha is caring for a kitten that was apparently doused with chemicals and left to die.

The cat named Phoenix was transferred to the “Kenosha Forgotten Friends” shelter on September 17th.

In a Facebook post announcing they’d be taking Phoenix in, shelter officials said “most organizations won’t deal with injuries like this, and these animals end up being euthanized, so when we get these calls, we need to act swiftly in order to save them.”

After Phoenix arrived at the shelter, she was evaluated, and shelter officials said in an update on Facebook that 80% of her right side was found to be covered in burns, with the skin sloughing off.

She had two areas on her left side where the skin was sloughing off, along with the tip of her ear and all around her neck.

She was also found to be severely emaciated, weighing just 3,8 pounds. She also had a 103.7 fever due to an infection from all of her horrible wounds.

They rated her body condition as a three/nine.

She was in immense pain, they said, and she was given antibotics and pain medication, along with laser treatments which will help with some of the inflammation and pain, shelter officials said.

“All of us were totally disgusted by the condition of this poor little girl and how anyone could do this, as it was clearly an act of malice. She was literally doused in some chemical,” shelter officials said on Facebook.

It’s estimated Phoenix is seven to eight months old.

Phoenix has a long road to recovery, and she needs your help. She’ll continue receiving laser treatments, antibiotics and pain medications, and she’ll likely need surgery.

“Phoenix is one of the lucky ones who will get her chance at a happy ending. We will do everything we can to heal her completely. Many are not so fortunate,” shelter officials said on Facebook.

On Monday, shelter officials said Phoenix was “doing great” and responding well to antibiotics and her pain medications. They said “she is going to be fine,” which is great news considering her injuries.

If you would like to help with the medical costs for Phoenix and others like her, CLICK HERE. Checks can also be sent to:

Kenosha Forgotten Friends
PO Box 831
Kenosha WI 53141

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