“Let’s sweep them:” Brewers fans stoked about hosting the division-leading Cubs

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MILWAUKEE -- It's late September and the Milwaukee Brewers are still in the playoff hunt -- with the division-leading Chicago Cubs paying a visit to Miller Park. You could feel the excitement in the air on Thursday evening, September 21st.

The Brewers are three-and-a-half games behind the Cubs -- and only one game behind the Colorado Rockies for the final wild card playoff spot. It's a place very few thought the Brewers would be in when this season started. But here we are -- with ten games to go.

Baseball fans cannot seem to get enough of this atmosphere in the parking lot at Miller Park.

"It's hard to find a broom in Milwaukee right now. We just swept them in Chicago. Let's sweep them here," said one fan.

"I think they have a World Series hangover is what they have," said another fan.

In the end, baseball will decide how this story ends.