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Look up! There’s a new brilliant piece of art atop a building just south of downtown Milwaukee

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MILWAUKEE -- A brilliant piece of art now sits on top of the Coakley Brothers building just south of downtown Milwaukee.

By the time cameras arrived, it was out of an artist's hand and into the engineers.

Art hoisted into place atop Coakley Brothers building

Tom Fruin, artist

"I mean it was a little nerve-wracking seeing it go," said Tom Fruin, artist. "It looked graceful and thin, just as I designed it."

When you have something this eye-catching, it would be a shame not to put it on a podium.

"So you've got an 100-year-old building yet you've got a kaleidoscope modernistic piece of art," said Peggy Coakley, CEO of Coakley Brothers.

Art hoisted into place atop Coakley Brothers building

On Thursday, the delicate lift commenced on a piece of art commissioned by the Coakley Brothers company. It replaced a long-gone water tower with modern flare.

"We've been pulling like ten-hour days installing since Monday. But I've been working on it for the last eight months or so," Fruin said.

Art hoisted into place atop Coakley Brothers building

Fruin is the Brooklyn-based artist who created the multi-colored steel and plexiglass water tower. The installation went smoothly.

After only a few minutes in flight, it was clear the 20-foot by 20-foot colorful tower would hit its mark. But there's still nothing better when you get the official "thumbs up."

The Coakley Brothers headquarters was already the tallest building in Milwaukee's Fifth Ward. On Thursday, they added on to that with the water tower you won't be able to miss.

Art hoisted into place atop Coakley Brothers building