“They said he’s real lucky:” Once in a coma, victim of hit-and-run crash released from hospital

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MILWAUKEE -- A ten-year-old Milwaukee boy is released from the hospital after a hit-and-run crash put him in a coma. FOX6 News spoke exclusively with the child and his father on Thursday evening, September 21st.

Clayshon Beamon

Clayshon Beamon is one of four people who was hurt in a crash near Fond du Lac and Armitage in Milwaukee. He spent the past month at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin making a miraculous recovery -- and finally coming home Wednesday.

CJ, Clayshon's father, told FOX6 News he was not certain if his son would wake up from his coma. Yet, he is now home and walking.

"They said he's real lucky. Like, one more inch and it could have been worse that what it was," CJ said.

In August, doctors at Children's Hospital performed emergency surgery on Clayshon -- removing a part of his skull to reduce brain swelling. A large scar now serves as a permanent reminder of what happened on August 19th.

Marcus Wade

Prosecutors say 33-year-old Marcus Wade was going 55 mph over the speed limit when his car hit another one that Clayshon was a passenger in. Wade fled the scene, turning himself in five days later.

"You can't really explain how I'm feeling until you go through it. Nobody should have to go through that," CJ said.

Although the young basketball and football fan still has a long way to go until he fully regains his muscle memory, Clayshon's smile and spirit is stronger than ever.

Wade is charged with six felonies. His case is headed to trial.

CJ said Clayshon isn't able to go back to school yet. But he is in a special education program right now through Children's Hospital.