Dense fog advisory issued for lakeshore counties until 10 a.m. Tuesday

Hot on the gridiron: Schools, trainers take extra precautions as athletes play in record heat

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MILWAUKEE -- Friday's steamy, record-setting weather came with warnings. The WIAA told high schools across the state their athletes are at risk.

At a Friday afternoon tilt at Custer Stadium, it was Pulaski against Career & Tech. As the game kicked off, a record was instantly smashed.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime game with the heat," said Deangelo Lawson.

It was the hottest game ever played on this date -- September 22nd. In her 31 years, Milwaukee Public Schools Head Trainer Lisa Strick said it has never been this hot, this late in the season.

"We have both of the new water stations set up. A lot of ice. We have ice towels for both sides of the field," Strick said.

Around the state, schools are taking extra precautions. The WIAA send out warnings to athletic directors, coaches and officials to treat this heat seriously.

With Mother Nature planing to hit us with heat all weekend, trainers are concerned about the athletes.

"We make sure they are hydrated, if someone is feeling not so well we have them take their helmet off. We make them put an ice towel around their neck," Strick said.

Not helping matters, what Friday's game was being played on -- artificial turf.

"It's so much warmer on the turf than a grass field. It increases the temperature anywhere from ten to 20 degrees," Strick said.

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