Port Milwaukee welcomes the Hamburg, a 400-passenger cruise ship

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Cruise ship Hamburg stops in Port Milwaukee

PORT MILWAUKEE — A 400-passenger cruise ship that is touring the Great Lakes made a stop in Port Milwaukee on Sunday morning, September 24th.

The cruise ship is the Hamburg. It started its journey to Milwaukee in Montreal. The passengers on board the Hamburg are mostly European. Many of them disembarked to visit places like the Harley-Davidson Museum.

The Hamburg has been to Milwaukee before — but it’s been a couple of years since that last happened.

Cruise ship Hamburg stops in Port Milwaukee

Jeff Fleming, spokesperson for Port Milwaukee indicated there has been a lot of talk about cruising in the Great Lakes. He said this is an untapped market.

“In the future, we may see more ships of this size coming to Milwaukee,” Fleming said.

Cruise ship Hamburg stops in Port Milwaukee

Port Milwaukee was the first stop in the United States for the Hamburg on this trip. So U.S. Customs officials formally reviewed each passenger’s documents before they could begin their land tours.