“Didn’t have to die like that:” Family urges driver who struck, killed mother of 7 to come forward

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Latichia Alexander

MILWAUKEE -- The family of a woman killed in a hit-and-run crash is asking for the driver to come forward. They say 45-year-old Latichia Alexander's life was taken at a time she was trying to change.

Police say around 1:00 a.m. Friday, September 22nd Alexander was walking in the road at 28th and Lisbon when a vehicle struck and killed her.

Carolyn Wynos

"I was with her in her last moments. I stayed with her, I laid on the ground with her," said Carolyn Wynos, victim's friend.

Carolyn Wynos remember her friend's final moments.

"I stayed with her until they took her away," said Wynos. "We are people. We are girls on the streets, but we are people. People just discard us like we're garbage. She was a person. Please come forward."

Family says Alexander was struggling with drug addiction and prostitution when she was killed.

Hit-and-run near 28th and Lisbon

"She was trying and struggling to recover from her mishaps," said Steve Hardin, father of victim.

"We don't want her to be forgotten," said Nancy Yarbrough-Banks, Fresh Start Learning.

Alexander recently reached out to Nancy Yarbrough-Banks, and Fresh Start Learning to turn her life around.

Latichia Alexander

Nancy Yarbrough-Banks

"Whoever did this, do show yourself so they can have some closure for the family," said Yarbrough-Banks.

Loved ones stand together asking for the driver who killed Alexander to turn themselves in.

"It's just not fair, it's not for anyone to have to go through this," Hardin said.

They look for closure, remembering a life that was not perfect but still important.

"She didn't have to die like that," said Wynos.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help pay for funeral expenses. Officers are searching for a black Chevy Impala in connection to the incident. Anyone with information should contact police.

Fatal hit-and-run near 28th and Lisbon