Diesel the K-9 retires from West Allis Police Department

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WEST ALLIS – A veteran officer of the four-legged kind worked his final shift with the West Allis Police Department. K-9 “Diesel” worked his last shift on Saturday, September 23rd after eight years on the force.

According to a Facebook post by the department, Diesel has been deployed approximately 481 times on a variety of assignments since 2009. He assisted in locating approximately 176 suspects and 37 articles during his career. He also assisted in locating narcotics on numerous occasions.

Corporal Ryan McNully and K-9 Diesel

Corporal Ryan McNally and Diesel received the following awards for their performance.

2010 – WLECHA – Rookie K9 Team of the year
2011 – WLECHA – Meritorious K9 Track with Apprehension
2014 – WLECHA – K9 Team of the Year
2015 – WAPD – Superior Police Performance
2016 – WAPD – Superior Police Performance
2016 – WAPD – Distinguished Service Award

The Facebook post reads: “K-9 Diesel has been an invaluable asset to the West Allis Police Department and we are going to miss him. McNally will be taking care of him in retirement. We wish K-9 Diesel a long and healthy retirement!”

Corporal Ryan McNully and K-9 Diesel

Enjoy retirement, Diesel!