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“Went airborne:” Driver flees from traffic stop, flips vehicle outside home near 62nd and Congress

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62nd and Congress crash

MILWAUKEE -- A dangerous crash flipped a car into the air and it came to a rest just inches from a home on Milwaukee's north side -- near 62nd and Congress Wednesday, September 27th. The search for the man responsible is still underway.

The driver of the car took off. In total, three cars were ruined by the wreck.

For neighbors living near the scene, there's a hard-to-believe sight.

"It sounded like a big boom. Something that hit. You could tell something had hit," said Clinton Brown, neighbor.

Crash near 62nd and Congress

At around 2:00 p.m., Milwaukee police say they were trying to pull over a vehicle a block away, when that vehicle crashed. Neighbors say the suspect was driving the car that flipped over.

Crash near 62nd and Congress

"He went to make that right turn and hit that parked car. Went airborne and tore down a couple of trees and flipped up against the house," said Mark Cox, neighbor.

Mark Cox came running out of his home.

"I was first on the scene," Cox said. "First instinct we had was somebody was in that car."

Thinking someone might be hurt, he crawled around the vehicle but only saw airbags and smoke. Cox says the back window was broken out and he believes that's how the driver was able to walk away.

Crash near 62nd and Congress

"Whoever was in there, the Lord was with them," Cox said.

Others living nearby say they saw the driver run away.

"I seen somebody go across so I guess that was him when I got a glimpse out the door," said Brown.

Crash near 62nd and Congress

Luckily, neighbors say the people who live in the home where the vehicle crashed, moved out a few weeks ago. The car came dangerous close to the living room. Two other cars out front were towed away and are likely totaled.

"I guess we just lucky," Brown said.

Milwaukee police say they are still looking for the driver responsible for the crash. They have not responded to our questions about possible injuries.

Crash near 62nd and Congress