“How do legends form?” Local author writes about Green Bay Packers rich history

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David Zimmerman books

GREEN BAY — History is so much apart of the story of the Green Bay Packers. Now, a local man is telling the story of that history through a bit of an insider’s view.

Having an already written six Packers books, David Zimmerman is tacking on an extra point — a seventh effort on the green and gold.

David Zimmerman

“This one is called, ‘The Legendary Green Bay Packers, How the Legend was Formed,'” said Zimmerman. “When you stop to think about it, how was the legend formed? I mean, how do legends form?”

Zimmerman has a nice sport coat and a unique perspective on the organization since he is a member of the Packers Hall of Fame Board of Directors. The triumphs are recognized in the hall, but the tribulations are a part of the Packers story as well.

“They reached bottom, they were broke a couple of times. Lambeau came in 1949 and he said, I don’t recall what the amount was, you look at it now and you say well that’s not too much,” said Zimmerman. “They had an intrasquad game amongst the players who were so bad in 1949, and they drew like 18,000 people to Old City Stadium, Thanksgiving time — those kinds of stories. You hear that and you say, well that can’t be true, that sound a little far-fetched but it is true.”

Packers fans have carried the organization through multiple financial crunches, there is now doubt that their concurrent role with the team is legendary.

“The fact that this is a fan’s team, and I think people feel that, the fact that everyone’s got this nonprofit document that they carry, which is worth nothing but it’s a feeling that we are a part of the Packers,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman has written business books, and even a couple of novels. However, writing about the team he cheers for is much easier, and then he has extra reason to cheer.

“The better the team does, the more success these kinds of books and other kinds of things that are promoting the Packers will have, absolutely — so we’re all hoping for a championship team, a Super Bowl team at the end of the season,” Zimmerman said.

Which would be, you guess it, legendary.

The current Packers hope they can add a chapter the the legend of the organization this season. To do so they’ll have to win the Super Bowl in February in, of all places, Minneapolis.