“I screamed… get down!” Bullets fly into home during shootout between armed robbery suspect, police

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Shooting near 9th and Cleveland

MILWAUKEE -- A family on the city's south side was caught in the crossfire between police and an armed robbery suspect. It happened near 9th and Cleveland Tuesday night, September 26th as the family was watching television.

Police say officers responded to a report of an attempted armed robbery near 15th and West Lincoln. The suspect -- known to police -- fled in a vehicle later crashing near 9th and Cleveland.

Shooting near 9th and Cleveland

Ed Flynn

"The suspect got out and drew a weapon and fired several shots at the officers. The officers both returned fire," said Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

The suspect got away and police are still on the lookout for him. They're not releasing the his identity because he has not been charged. Police say he is a 32-year-old convicted felon. Two of his guns were recovered at the scene.

Home struck by bullets near 9th and Cleveland

Lizzel Lucas and her daughter shared with FOX6 News the carvings bullets made in her home when the shootout occurred.

Home struck by bullets near 9th and Cleveland

"I feel like we had a guardian angel somewhere yesterday," said Lucas.

Lucas was watching TV with her spouse on the third floor while their two daughters were on the main floor.

"We hear the impact immediately we all went to the window. Within seconds we heard gunfire so we dove to the floor," said Lucas. "I screamed to my kids to get down!"

One bullet traveled through the house, their mini bar, Lucas' daughter's bedroom wall and through a TV.

Home struck by bullets near 9th and Cleveland

Lizzel Lucas

"The what ifs, just imagining the what ifs," said Lucas.

Another bullet went through their outside screen door. Both daughters at the time of the shooting ran to the living room window, unaware of the incoming gunfire.

"Me and my sister was at the window seconds when they started shooting. If we ran slower we would've been shot," said Lucas' daughter.

Home struck by bullets near 9th and Cleveland

In the basement, one bullet went through the window, another television and the wall. Lucas says she's angry and wants to know whose gun the bullets belong to.

"There were people outside. There were kids playing," said Lucas.

Shooting near 9th and Cleveland

A spokesman says "MPD is investigating the exact circumstances at the scene and evidence is still being processed."

Home struck by bullets near 9th and Cleveland

"My next step is to protect my family," Lucas said.

Lucas says the violence in Milwaukee has taken its toll on her.

"We have to take back our community for the sake of our kids," said Lucas.

Lucas says she wants to move. Her daughter says their neighbor had a bullet go through a fence, and several nearby vehicles were also struck by gunfire.

The search for the suspect is ongoing.