Kohler sends generator parts, “best service technicians we have” to Puerto Rico

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KOHLER -- The latest aid to be sent from Wisconsin to Puerto Rico is in the form of highly trained technicians from Kohler Co.

Kohler does a lot more than bathroom fixtures. In fact, they have an entire division devoted to engines and generators -- and generators are one of the things Puerto Rico needs most.

Thomas Cromwell,  Group President - Kohler Power

"So these first two technicians are going largely to assess how can we best help, take care of some of the most critical units," said Thomas Cromwell,  Group President - Kohler Power.

On Wednesday morning, September 27th, Kohler sent a private jet stocked with generator parts, tools and two technicians who know how to use them.

"We've got people who are really the best service technicians we have. They can fix any kind of unit that's on the ground or they can provide maintenance to units to get them, to keep them running," Cromwell said.

Cromwell said the number one priority for Kohler techs is to make sure places like hospitals and shelters have power.

"Every seat in the plane, except for the two technicians, were filled with parts," Cromwell said.

The company is ready -- and will likely send reinforcements.

"The number of storms we've had is certainly unusual. But then, the magnitude of the storms has really taken power from a lot of people very quickly and really created a humanitarian crisis," Cromwell said.