Juvenile found dead, partially burned in home on Milwaukee’s south side

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MILWAUKEE -- The body of a partially burned child was found inside an apartment building at 17th and Grant on Milwaukee's south side Thursday morning, September 28th. A few hours later, Milwaukee police arrested a 23-year-old woman.

Suspicious death at 17th & Grant, Milwaukee

Police are working with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner to determine how the child died. Those FOX6 News spoke with say they are horrified by the gruesome discovery.

LaTonya Peterson is holding her cousin tightly. Peterson rushed to her when she learned there was a fire inside her cousin's apartment building.

"I'm just thankful because she's still here," Peterson said. "She said she smelled smoke. She thought it was the girl down there cooking something."

Now, Peter is horrified after learning the body of a young boy she remembers seeing often inside the building was found by authorities partially burned.

Suspicious death at 17th & Grant, Milwaukee

Investigators are calling this a homicide. They remained on the scene for hours, collecting evidence inside the building.

Peterson's cousin told her she woke up to an alarm and soon saw smoke rising from the vents. She said a woman and child lived in the unit below.

"If her alarm hadn't gone off, my cousin wouldn't have woken up," Peterson said.

Suspicious death at 17th & Grant, Milwaukee

Milwaukee police say the suspect in this incident is a 23-year-old woman they arrested around noon.

"I hope justice prevails for whatever took place here," Peterson said.

Milwaukee police say they are working with the medical examiner to determine the exact age of the child.