Milwaukee Co. Executive Chris Abele delivers address on his proposed 2018 budget

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MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele delivered an address on his proposed 2018 budget on Thursday morning, September 28th.

“In the six years I’ve been here, we have always inherited a large structural deficit we always have to close. This year was a $42 million deficit. As you know, we have worked extremely hard every year to do everything we can to increase or maintain services without having to put increased cost on people serve,” said Chris Abele.

Among the highlights of the 2018 Executive Budget proposal is a new $1.1 million investment in funding for the Medical Examiner’s Office and County Behavioral Health Division that will help improve public safety and support individuals and families dealing with addiction.

Most of the funding — $900,000 — will go towards community-based treatment options while $200,000 will go towards the purchase of an advanced mass spectrometer instrument that the

Medical Examiner’s office will use to reduce the testing time for opioids and other drugs from weeks to hours.

Abele also discussed results from the Engage MKE community engagement initiative, new resources that will support the County’s efforts to end chronic homelessness with permanent housing faster than any other metro area, sustainable investments in the County’s workforce, updates at the Zoo and Airport, and new dedicated funding for County Parks and transportation projects.