Report: Firearm-related homicides in Milwaukee are up 51% from 2006-2016

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MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission (MHRC) released on Thursday, September 26th its 2016 Annual Report analyzing the causes and risk factors behind homicides and non-fatal shootings in the City of Milwaukee.

In 2016, the homicide rate for the City of Milwaukee was 23.3 per 100,000 residents. That is a slight decrease from 24.3 per 100,000 recorded in 2015.

Based on date of injury, MHRC recorded 139 homicides and 555 nonfatal shooting victims in 2016. This represents a 51% increase in firearm-related homicides, but an 11% decline in nonfatal shooting victims from 2006 to 2016.

CLICK HERE to view the complete 2016 report on homicides, non-fatal shootings in Milwaukee

John Chisholm, Milwaukee County District Attorney, issued the following statement in a news release:

“After a steady decline in homicides over the last decade, 2015 and 2016 have seen unacceptable levels of shootings and homicides in our community, a trend that has also impacted other cities nationwide. The success of a coordinated approach to violence prevention is dependent on data like this that allows us to understand the factors contributing to violence in our neighborhoods and effectively target interventions.”

The 2016 analysis takes a public health approach to violence prevention, providing data on contributing circumstances to homicides and non-fatal shootings, analysis of victim and suspect demographics, as well as data on socioeconomic status, educational attainment, and other factors that influence violence in the city.