Vice Pres. Mike Pence says there’s ‘lot of consensus’ around tax overhaul

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WAUKESHA -- Vice President Mike Pence made the most of his time in Wisconsin on Thursday, September 28th. From round-table meetings to new premises, Vice Pres. Pence says there's "a lot of consensus" around the tax overhaul plan unveiled by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans.

Pence joined with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Thursday to tout the plan with workers at Weldall Manufacturing in Waukesha and state business leaders.

Pence says for wealthier tax filers the plan is "probably a wash, but we think it's a fairer, simpler tax code."

Vice President Mike Pence visits Weldall Manufacturing in Waukesha

"The bottom line is tax cuts create jobs, tax cuts create growth, it's worked here in Wisconsin and it's gonna work throughout the United States of America. It really will," Pence said.

Democrats are quick to call the plan a lavish gift to the rich.

"The problem is it's a tax sham, and not a tax plan," said Joe Zepecki, Democratic  strategist.

Democratic strategist, Joe Zepecki, says the proposed overhaul will not help most.

"Within 24 hours of announcing this, you have the President's top economic adviser admitting that he can't give middle class families a tax cut," said Zepecki.

Pence says the goal is to pass it before the end of the year and he believes it will have bipartisan backing. Pence says, "There is very broad support for this."

Vice President Mike Pence visits Weldall Manufacturing in Waukesha

The nearly $6 trillion tax cut unveiled Wednesday would simplify brackets, nearly double the standard deduction and deeply reduce levies for corporations.

Pence ended his day at the Pfister Hotel to raise money for both the Republican National Committee and President Trump's campaign. The event was closed to the media, and capped off a whirlwind visit from the Vice President Pence to the Badger State.