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Captured: “He’s a known gang member:” U.S. Marshals need your help finding Abram Jefferson

MILWAUKEE- - A history of violence is how agents describe the life of 39-year-old Abram Jefferson -- who is wanted by U.S. Marshals.

"He's a known gang member. He's known to carry a firearm and shown a propensity for violence throughout his adult life,” the agent on his case said.

Jefferson’s most recent crime was in March of 2017. While on parole, he was charged with battery and aggravated assault. U.S. Marshals say his victim is someone close to him.

Abram Jefferson

Jefferson has been told to stop but he continues to threaten the victim. He's now also charged with felony intimidation.

Agent's say he has strong ties to the area of 13th and Locust in Milwaukee.

"He's born and raised in Milwaukee. We believe most of his contacts are here in Milwaukee but he may have contacts in Chicago,” the agent explained.

Jefferson's criminal background includes gun violence stemming from 1989, but a violent robbery in November of 2001 at a bar, sent him to prison for 18 months. Shots were fired and ended someone's life. Jefferson was convicted only of robbery, party to a crime -- and a felon in possession of a fire arm.

“He has a long history of propensity for violence,” the agent says.

You may recognize Jefferson by the distinguishable tattoo on his body: the words "thug life" on his upper right arm.

Jefferson also has street names he goes by like "Lil Abe, "Big Pumpkin," and "Crazy Abe."

Agents want to close in on Jefferson's history of violence but say they need credible tips from the community on his whereabouts to do so.

If you have information that could help Marshals track Jefferson down, you're encouraged to contact the tip line at 414-297-3707. You will remain anonymous.