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Home Depot associates “morph” Batmobile costume out of Styrofoam for boy confined to wheelchair

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GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan — Her son has cerebral palsy and is contained to a wheelchair, but she didn’t want that to stop him from dressing up for Halloween. That’s when she got an idea to do something extra special for her son.

Five-year-old Keegan Steele got his own custom made Batmobile.

Keegan’s Batmobile began with just an idea and a whole lot of determination. His mom Natasha wanted her son to have an extra special Halloween costume.

“So I said, you know what? If I get a piece of cardboard, I’m gonna make a cardboard Batmobile. Whatever I gotta do. However I gotta do it,” she said.

All she had to do was tell the good folks at Home Depot her idea and they want to work.

“Two associates, Jason and Angie, morphed a Batmobile out of a pink Styrofoam, carving it, shaping it, sliding it over his wheelchair,” said Michael Thom, with Home Depot in Flushing, Michigan.

The superhero crime fighting machine has got it all.

“This thing is equipped with LED lights, flashers, mask. He has an apron he can wear on Halloween night,” Thom said.

How awesome! He’s going to have a great time Trick or Treating, for sure.

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