Caught on camera: Kidnapping victim escapes from trunk after she was abducted while sleeping

CHILTON COUNTY, Alabama — Surveillance cameras at an Alabama gas station captured a daring escape by a kidnapping victim — who got out of her alleged abductor’s vehicle after she was forced into the trunk!

According to a post on Facebook by Central Alabama Crimestoppers, shared by the Chilton County Sheriff’s Office, it happened on October 30th, and began around 2:30 a.m. when a 36-year-old man entered the victim’s home as she slept.

The post indicates the man got on top of the victim and began choking her. He then tied her hands behind her back and forced her into a blue, four-door Ford Taurus — driving her away from her home.

While driving, officials say the man threatened to stab her, and he eventually stopped the vehicle and forced her into the trunk.

He then drove to a gas station in Clanton, Alabama.

When he got out of the car, the victim was able to escape the trunk — popping it open and escaping while the suspect was in the store. The video shows her running into the store to get help. The suspect then ran back to his car and drove away.

Chilton County sheriff’s officials said the suspect was taken into custody hours after this alleged crime. He was booked on suspicion of robbery, kidnapping and domestic violence.