“Our family’s complete:” Jordy Nelson, his wife talk about adoption of daughter, Adda Jo 👶

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GREEN BAY — After six months. it’s official. Adda Jo is the newest member of the Nelson family.

Her adoption was finalized in Texas, two days before Jordy Nelson was there as the Green Bay Packers faced the Dallas Cowboys.

“To have it finalized, to have the process complete and our family complete — it’s a box checked off. It’s fun to grow our family the way we have and to watch them all grow up,” Nelson said.

Packers nation got to meet baby Adda Jo at the Jordy Nelson Softball game in June. A baby girl joined the Nelson’s two boys: seven-year-old Royal and almost three-year-old Brooks.

“Our first son — I got pregnant with him very easily. After he was born, we decided to have more. It wasn’t as easy for whatever reason, but we knew we wanted more kids. Adoption was a better fit for us than any sort of fertility route,” Emily Nelson said.

These days Emily Nelson can enjoy time at the park with her mommy friends — but to get to this point was a long process. The Nelsons talked with a lot of people and read a lot of books and then gave the adoption option the green light.

“I’m very lucky that I was able to have a biological child and also go through the adoption process. They are both great,” Emily Nelson said.

In the case with Adda Jo, Emily Nelson said they were first told the baby was a boy and didn’t find out until a couple of weeks before, that it was indeed a girl.

Will the Nelsons adopt again?

“Never say never. As of now I think we’re done, but you never know what God has in store,” Emily Nelson said.

Never say never. But what does dad say?

“Family of five! We are done!” Jordy Nelson said.

Last year, the family shared a video for the Jockey Being Family Foundation to raise awareness about adoption. The Nelson family worked with Adoption Choice in Green Bay and Adoption Angels in Texas.