Hotel Madrid celebrates 1-year anniversary with big event

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MILWAUKEE -- Matt Kerley from StandEatDrink joins Wake Up to talk about exciting changes coming to Yokohama's menu-- and a big milestone for Hotel Madrid.

About StandEatDrink (website)

To "stand, eat, and drink" is a culture. After more than fifteen years living and operating in Spain, we at StandEatDrink have found that more often than not, an evening begins standing at a bar with food, drinks, and friends.

StandEatDrink began at a bar in Spain, when some old friends reunited over cañas and tapas. Since then, we have seen the arrival of the "Movida" madrileña and the presentation of a Hotel Madrid. At StandEatDrink we work to provide our guests with the same type of culture in food & drink that brought us all back to States.

It may be a table, a terrace, or a bar but the StandEatDrink culture of food, drinks, and friends fosters a unique experience every evening at all of our establishments. So, get your friends together, visit any one of our  establishments, and let us know what you think.