Step up your gift-giving game with these popular gadgets

MILWAUKEE -- We live in a world where virtually anything can be connected to the internet and a lot of those things fall  under the category of "great holiday gifts." Nathan Fricke with AT&T explains how you can up your gift-giving game.

  • Fitness trackers, coolers, thermostats, speakers, luggage and more. They`re all part of the growing world of 'things' we're making smarter.
  • Streaming YouTube, DirecTV now direct TV,
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) connects everyday objects or 'things' with sensors which allows devices to talk to people and each other. Think of sensors as the eyes and ears of a connected object. They can track temperature, vibration, movement and even location.
  • This is not your average tech gift guide. Today, I`m sharing some smart tech gadgets that are really going to up your gift giving game this holiday season, whether you want to splurge or keep it under $100.