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Captured: “He brings so much chaos:” U.S. Marshals look to track down 26-year-old Deangelo Jones

MILWAUKEE  -- He’s lived his life thinking he’s above the law. Now, the law is after him. U.S. Marshals say they are looking for a career criminal who, five days into his probation, disappeared and is a danger in the community.

The only life 26-year-old Deangelo Jones knows is the one that keeps sending him behind bars.

“He’s been committing crimes…adult crimes since the age of 14,” the agent on his case said. “He’s had weapon offenses, felon in possession of a firearm, assault and battery, armed robbery. He’s been arrested for drug cases… auto thefts."

Jones has a tattoo that says “hard work and dedication” but U.S. Marshals say his behavior is anything but. His attitude has lead family to exile him.

“They don’t want anything to with him just because he brings so much chaos to their lives,” the agent explained.

Jones' original charge was robbery use of force party to a crime, in 2009.

“The victim in this case had a guardian angel in some sorts,” she said.

Jones and his accomplice at the time were walking alongside East Center and Pierce.

“All of us have cellphones and a lot of time we don’t pay attention to our surroundings and Mr. Jones and his accomplice came upon her," the agent said.

The victim was dragged into an alley where she was threatened to hand over all of his personal belongings. Thankfully, a police officer saw what was going on managed to scare Jones and his accomplice away. Jones was later found hiding in a garbage can.

Agents say every time Jones has been given the privilege of probation, he finds a way to violate it. But in May of this year, five days into his probation, he disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.

“It appears he thinks he is above the law,” the agent said. “Even though he’s been given breaks to turn his life around he hasn’t taken them.”

Now authorities are asking the public to send any information on his whereabouts and in the chance Jones sees this story, agents have a message for him:

“Turn yourself in. You’re an adult you need to start acting like one,” the agent explained.

Call the tipline at 414-297-3707.