Lights, camera…dogs! Furry family members, adoptable pups featured in Admirals calendar 🐶 🐾 🏒

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Admirals are going to the dogs -- sort of! One thing is for sure; the hockey players share a special bond with man's best friend -- and you can get in on the fun!

Lights, camera...dogs?!

Bobby Butler

"This is Opie. That's Tayga," Bobby Butler, Admirals right wing said.

FOX6 News stopped by on picture day for the Milwaukee Admirals, as they put together a team calendar for fans, and this year, their K-9 companions were part of the fun.

"I got the puppy here. Always has a lot of energy. Jumps on everybody. He's only 7 months. His name is Burt. We rescued Enuk in Canada," Pierre-Cedric Labrie, Admirals wing said.

"We saw what the Nashville Predators were doing. Their players were taking pictures with dogs and working with the Humane Society down in Nashville. I said 'we gotta do something different. We've done some really nice calendars in the past, but if you do anything with a dog, people love it. Kids are gonna love it,' and we wanted to do something different this year," Harris Turner, Admirals owner said.

Pierre Cedric Labrie

While dogs of any kind are certainly sure to bring smiles, some of the Admirals were able to show off their own furry family members.

"When I'm on the road, my girlfriend has them, so she's never alone and now I couldn't live without dogs, so I mean, they're always your best friend and when you have a bad day, or a bad game they're always there smiling at you," Labrie said.

"Definitely. He's been everywhere. He's been overseas. Gone through it all. Traveled with my wife. She's his #1 for a long time. Now we have two kids, but he's been the original guy for a long time," Butler said.

Putting together the calendar brought family and pets together at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, and also featured dogs up for adoption at the Wisconsin Humane Society -- hoping the calendar helps them find a loving home. And with a career that has these hockey players playing all over the country and world, there's one constant that can help make any place feel like home.

Milwaukee Admirals calendar

"For our players, they're on the road for maybe a week to 10 days at a time, and when they come home, they come through that door and the dog is just instant love, something really special in their lives," Turner said.

"Wherever he is, it feels like we're home. It's been with both the dogs and now with the kids its the same thing. Wherever your family goes, the dog's included. It feels like home," Butler said.

"It's fun. It's always fun to get the dogs here and the families here," Turner said.

You can get a copy of the Admirals pet calendar at their December 15th home game when the Ads host Iowa.