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“It melts your heart:” Muskego students throw huge Christmas party for children in need 🎅 🎁

WAUKESHA -- From elves and Elsa to Santa Claus himself, holiday magic was in the air in Waukesha Thursday, December 14th, as Muskego High School students treated those less fortunate this holiday season.

“They come here expecting a huge party, and we give it to them," said Nathaniel Stewart, Muskego junior.

On Thursday, about 70 students from Muskego High School took kids at Child & Family Centers of Excellence through a true winter wonderland. There were crafts, games, pictures with Santa and toys to open and take home.

“Our class raises a ton of money and gets presents donated and clothes and stuff," said Amaya Loosemore, Muskego senior.

The almost 300 kids at Centers of Excellence all come from families living at or below the poverty line.

“For a family of four, all forms of income cannot exceed – gross – $24,000 a year," Chief Family Services Officer Carol Rogers explained.

That means this day might very well be the most wonderful time of their year.

“There was this one girl, she was like, ‘my family might not have enough money for this, but Santa might bring this for me,'" said Layla Westmoreland, Muskego junior.

“It melts your heart -- seeing them open up their presents when they don’t really have another Christmas to go to," said Loosemore.

For Toni Hogue, the Muskego teacher who has organized this event for more than a decade, those moments make this day truly special.

"I hope that the students understand how important it is to give and how great it feels to give, and I truly hope that most of these kids go on to do something that gives back," Hogue stated.

It was a lesson in kindness that goes far beyond the classroom.