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Bitter cold blanketing SE Wisconsin slows people, cars; “Everything on a vehicle starts harder”

MILWAUKEE -- It's hard to get anything started in the bitter cold -- whether it be your vehicle or yourself!

Mike Moeller, president of Remy Battery Company

Plenty of people hit the road on Tuesday, December 26th. But not every engine roared to life.

"As the temperatures drop, everything on a vehicle starts harder," said Mike Moeller, president of Remy Battery Company.

At Remy Battery, the phone calls started in the morning -- and technicians got to work. Moeller said he does not expect business to slow down the rest of the week.

Battery repairs

"When that weather sets in, we start getting a lot of phone calls; a lot of inquiries," Moeller said.

Moeller said one of the more common things he hears is people turning their headlights on, hoping to warm up the battery. But Moeller said that is a myth.

Battery repairs

"In actuality, what you're doing is running the battery down," Moeller said.

Tabitha Deibler

In Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, hearty day-after-Christmas shoppers were running from store to store. Not surprisingly, many did not want to stop and talk to a news reporter. But Tabitha Deibler did not mind.

"Did anything about zero degrees this morning make you think, 'I know it's my birthday, but I'm going to do this another day?'" asked FOX6's Theo Keith.

"No," answered Deibler. "I dressed warm. I have wool socks on, wool jacket on, a sweater inside, so I'm good."

Shopper visits Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward in bitter cold temperatures

Besides, the brave souls on the streets said it's not like they could put off the shopping until later this week -- because the bitter cold will be sticking around.

"I'm OK with it. I love the cold weather, to be honest," said Hunter Deibler.

Shopper visits Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward in bitter cold temperatures

As for dealing with your car in the cold weather, the workers at Remy Battery said you can prevent a lot of situations by making sure your car is properly tuned -- and by replacing your battery every 4 to 6 years.