“Be careful:” Looking to escape Wisconsin’s winter? Do your research, and beware of scammers!

MILWAUKEE -- The cold and snow that winter brings in Wisconsin has some making plans to get out of town, but before you book that vacation that seems like a great deal, you should make sure you know what, exactly you're getting.

If the sight of a frozen Bradford Beach has you dreaming of warmer shores, you're not alone. After the holidays, many are making plans to get away.

Bradford Beach

Ann Valley

"A lot of times, they're just promoting these packages, and they aren't really going to deliver on them," Ann Valley with Bayside Travel said.

Valley said you should be cautious when it comes to unsolicited phone calls, mail or emails promising vacation deals that are out of this world.

"You always want to be careful and make sure you know who you are dealing with. That it's a reputable tour operator," Valley said.

FOX6 News has received 20 faxes and emails for vacations that seem too good to be true. For example, a trip to Cancun, Cabo or Jamaica, meals included, for just $99. Our industry insiders say -- not likely.

Travel solicitations

"There's no way you can go to Hawaii for $99," Valley said.

Travel solicitations

Solicitations like these come with a lot of red flags. For example, you may receive the same flier again and again, with different phone numbers listed, and no names listed for tour companies or resorts. Some say the deals won't last long.

These pressure points are certainly ploys that play on people's immediate, instant decision making and emotions," Michelle Reinen, director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection said.

Reinen said these trips may be scams, or they may not live up to their promises.

Travel solicitations

When looking to book a vacation, it's important to take the time to do your research and make sure you're aware of all of the included fees -- and never wire money. You should avoid trips that require you to listen to a presentation, which will likely be a high-pressure sales pitch.