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“Give back to the community:” Milwaukee County Zoo offers free admission for the rest of the year

MILWAUKEE -- Free for the rest of the year! Staff at the Milwaukee County Zoo said the winter months are a great time to visit -- and families are taking advantage of the zoo's holiday gift.

The crowd made Thursday, December 28th feel like opening day at Miller Park. Instead, it was the end of the year at the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Beth Rich

"It's a great time to come out. All of the exhibits are open. For some animals, it's a great time of year," said Beth Rich, director of animal management and health, Milwaukee County Zoo.

And for the price, it's a great time for humans! Through New Year's Day, the zoo is free to enter.

"The zoo is free! Adults, seniors, children -- parking is still $12, but it's almost a $15 savings for an adult and a $12 savings for kids," said Rich.

Rich said the cold weather is prime time for many of her residents.

"For the camels, they are fluffy and fuzzy right now. They look fantastic. The Amur tigers are out and about outside in the cool and they love it," said Rich.

But if it's still too cold for some visitors -- there's no reason to miss out, because many of the exhibits are inside.

"Yeah, we're totally fine. Totally comfortable," said Susan Gattoni.

Gattoni and her two children were admiring the lions, while an even larger group was checking out the primates.

"We love coming in the winter and the summer. The winter, because the animals are a little bit different. The activity is different and it's neat to see," said Gattoni.

And you can see it for free as a thank you from the Milwaukee County Zoo.

"It's a way for us to give back to the community during the holiday season," said Rich.

In Gattoni's opinion, now is the perfect time to visit, especially if you've never been before.

"I would definitely come," said Gattoni.

The zoo has dubbed this week "Frosty Free Week." It's also part of their 125th anniversary celebration.

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