“Ridiculous:” Windows on dozens of vehicles shattered by vandals using BB, pellet guns in Hartford

HARTFORD -- The Hartford Police Department is taking more complaints of vandalism to vehicles and house windows. The vandals are apparently using a BB or pellet gun to do the damage.

Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright is one of the latest victims.

"This is literally our only car," Wright said. "I remember hearing some stuff on Facebook."

Like many who live near the intersection of Cedar St. and Root Ave., Wright started her Thursday morning, December 28th dealing with an irritating chore -- fixing the back window of her vehicle. On Wednesday night, someone decided to smash it.

Victim of car vandalism in Hartford

"Our quotes are right around $400, so that's a good chunk of change for us right now," Wright said.

Vehicles vandalized in Hartford

This is part of a larger string of vandalism in Hartford, according a Facebook post on December 21st. Hartford police at that time had recorded 19 incidents of similar vandalism. In a Facebook post, they said, "At this time, they do not appear to be associated with any thefts from the vehicles. Investigators are currently looking into these incidents and are asking for community assistance."

Vehicles vandalized in Hartford

Vehicles vandalized in Hartford

Wright said police told her that her vehicle was the 34th vehicle reported with a smashed window.

"I think it's pretty ridiculous that somebody is going around and vandalizing property," Wright said.

Just a few blocks away, FOX6 News spotted another man sweeping glass from his vehicle. Michael Navin is from Iowa -- and was visiting relatives for the holidays.

Vehicles vandalized in Hartford

"An officer woke us up this morning bright and early and said 'your window is busted,'" Navin said.

Just yards from that spot, FOX6 News spotted more vehicles with the back window smashed in.  Authorities said the vandals are using a BB or pellet gun.

Vehicles vandalized in Hartford

"I hope you get caught and when you do get caught, I hope you pay all of the damages," Wright said.

Police are asking the public to send information that could lead to an arrest. They say a cash reward will be recommended to those that provide tips. Call the Hartford Police Department directly at 262-673-2600 or you can call the "Washington County Law Enforcement Tip Line" at: 1-800-232-0594. It offers cash rewards to citizens who provide information that leads to the arrest and conviction of criminals in Washington County. At the same time, all informants remain anonymous.