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“More cowardice than anything:” 2 men not in custody, but charged in connection with fatal shooting

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MILWAUKEE -- A manhunt is underway following a September shootout in Milwaukee. A bystander died. Now, two men have been charged in the case and the search is on to find them.

The accused are 27-year-old Riccardo Hicks and 38-year-old Dennis Simmons.

Riccardo Hicks, Dennis Simmons

They face the following criminal counts:

  • First degree reckless endangering safety, as a party to a crime (Simmons and Hicks)
  • Possession of a firearm by a felon (Simmons and Hicks)

Shooting incident at 23rd and State, Milwaukee

It was like a scene from a movie: sparks fly as two men fire dozens of shots in the air. Surveillance captured the terrifying moments on September 17th, near 23rd and State.

Shooting incident at 23rd and State, Milwaukee

Shooting incident at 23rd and State, Milwaukee

Shooting incident at 23rd and State, Milwaukee

The shooting took the life of 36-year-old Lanell Taylor, and left a community stunned.

"We've got an extremely heavily armed criminal population in Milwaukee, and they have no reluctance to use those weapons," said Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

Shooting incident at 23rd and State, Milwaukee

Now, three months later, the gunmen remain at large -- but charges have been brought in the case.

According to a criminal complaint, Simmons and Hicks were seen on camera firing the rounds.

Investigators say someone tried getting into the "Talk of the Town" tavern, but was denied because they had a gun.

An argument erupted and shots were fired. Bullets can be seen in the video sparking as they hit the sidewalk. Prosecutors say Taylor was shot as he walked outside the bar.

"He just got caught in the crossfire. I guess there was two parties shooting. He was just trying to get cover," said Talk of the Town Owner, Dyan Ward.

According to court documents, a tipster went to police after seeing the surveillance on the news and identified the two suspects. It's believed they left town and headed south.

The victim's family released the following statement:

ÔÇťAlthough the Taylor family harbors no hatred bitterness or ill feelings towards those involved, there is only one who can give life and take life away, we sincerely hope that someone in the community would help us bring the situation to close by locating the individual at large. Unfortunately society has a lot to do with this by showing and teaching our young men that this is what it takes to be a man. Using guns, robbing stealing and portraying a sense of bravery that's non-existent. It's more cowardice than anything else to shoot someone then run away and hide."

Both suspects have convictions of possession of a firearm by a felon. Anyone with information about where they might be are asked to call police.

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