$30K+ raised in days after vandals destroyed hives, “killing hundreds of thousands of honeybees”

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — The owners of Wild Hill Honey in Sioux City, Iowa said just days after Christmas, their beehives were destroyed by vandals.

Justin and Tori Engelhardt, the owners of Wild Hill Honey, wrote on Facebook on December 28th they went out to clear snow from their hives and “found complete destruction of all of our hives and supply shed.”

They posted photographs of the damage, and said police were investigating.

They noted that 50 hives were destroyed, “killing hundreds of thousands of bees.” In their initial post, they said because of the destruction, “the future of Wild Hill Honey is unknown.”

A GoFundMe.com account was created, and brought in more than $30,000 in just 2 days — with a $24,000 goal.

The owners noted in a message on the GoFundMe.com account’s page that “because of you, we will be able to continue our business in the spring.” They said they are “deeply moved by your compassion,” and said “between the contributions and equipment we were able to salvage, our needs have been met.”

According to its Facebook page, Wild Hill Honey is a source of pure, raw honey. The Engelhardts sell an assortment of jars and sizes of this liquid gold.

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