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Documentary celebrates 50th anniversary of Packers/Cowboys Ice Bowl, “the game that will never die”

Packers/Cowboys Ice Bowl

GREEN BAY — Fifty years later, Green Bay Packers’ fans’ excitement over the Ice Bowl, one of the most iconic moments in NFL history has not thawed. The There’s an emotional new documentary that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1967 NFL Championship game. Some of the biggest names in Packers’ history gathered for the documentary’s premiere.

For some, it’s hard to believe it has been 50 years since the Packers beat the Cowboys at Lambeau Field during the iconic Ice Bowl. The game-time temperature was an unforgettable -15.

“Even my kids tease me about it to this day. They call it ‘the game that will never die,’ and they are right,” Chuck Mercein, former Packers’ RB.

It’s fitting for a game that is considered one of the greatest in NFL history. The men responsible for its lasting impact gathered in Ashwaubenon for the premiere of the NFL Films episode “The Timeline.”

“It was an iconic game. It meant so much. We needed to win that game, to win three in a row to get to the Super Bowl. That was what Lombardi’s goal was from the beginning was to win three straight world titles,” Boyd Dowler, former Packers’ WR said.

Hundreds of fans paid $75 to watch the new documentary and hear from Packers’ legends Chuck Mercein, Donny Anderson, Jerry Kramer, and Boyd Dowler. The Cowboys, led by QB Don Meredith, also play a huge role in the film. Meredith’s son, Michael is the one who put it together.

“I think it’s been billed as a more traditional Ice Bowl 50th anniversary film and this is that, but it’s also a personal perspective from a Dallas native, so there is a Cowboys element,” Meredith said.

But of course, it’s the green and gold who burn bright in the documentary and there is plenty more history to mine in a sequel.

“Super Bowl II, the 50th anniversary is this year. How many words have you heard about Super Bowl 2 this year? The 50th anniversary of Super Bowl II? Zip. Virtually nothing. Other than the fact that we had to win in the Ice Bowl to get to the Super Bowl — and that’s fine,” Kramer said.

Packers/Cowboys Ice Bowl

“The Timeline” is now playing on the NFL Network.