Bitter cold doesn’t stop the fun during the 31st “Cool Fool Kite Festival,” a New Year’s Day tradition

MILWAUKEE -- The "Cool Fool Kite Festival" is a New Year's Day tradition in Milwaukee that's unlike any other. Temperatures in the single digits and a wind chill advisory did not stop people from coming out to celebrate the festival's 31st year Monday, January 2nd.

2018 Cool Fool Kite Festival, Milwaukee

On a day when it was colder in Milwaukee than at the South Pole, Joshua Heim was one of the "cool fools" out flying kites in Milwaukee's Veterans Park, something he and his mother have been doing for 7 years.

"We just did it one year and we just keep doing it. Tradition. It's just fun. Even if the cold is here -- it's just amazing," Heim said.

2018 Cool Fool Kite Festival, Milwaukee

The bitter cold did keep some away, but over the course of the day, roughly 1,000 were expected to turn out to fly some kites.

2018 Cool Fool Kite Festival, Milwaukee

"It doesn't matter if it's 40 degrees or five below zero -- we're going to be here and do it," Scott Fisher with the Gift of Wings kite store said.

The event featured all kinds of kites, from amateur to professional, like a 20-foot wingspan delta kite.

"It's a fun time, and you can get hot chocolate and free snacks from them too," Heim said.

2018 Cool Fool Kite Festival, Milwaukee

In addition to kites, the event featured all-day ice carving, free food, hot chocolate and coffee. Organizers said they're having another winter kite event in Delavan coming up on February 17th and 18th.

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