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“Really sad:” Idling vehicle stolen after NYE wedding, with charity donations, jewelry and more inside

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MILWAUKEE -- They got married on New Year's Eve, and the next day, the valet pulled their vehicle around so they could load up all of the gifts they received from loved ones. That's when a thief swiped the car and everything inside.

Cheryl Parmenter and William Pulec said they actually requested no gifts for their wedding, but they did ask for something special, and that's part of the reason why what happened the next day hurts so much.

"For something like this to happen, it's..." Parmenter said.

William Pulec and Cheryl Parmenter

It was the morning after their wedding when Pulec called the valet to bring the car around outside the Brewhouse Inn near 10th and Juneau in Milwaukee.

"Cheryl handed me the keys so I could put the last set of bags in," Pulec said.

Already inside the vehicle was Parmenter's purse, coasters wedding guests had written special messages on, and gifts people brought with them despite the couple's request. Pulec said he went back inside to grab the last few items.

"I went out and the car was gone," Pulec said.

It happened within 60 seconds.

Brewhouse Inn

Brewhouse Inn

"It's really sad actually. It was everything..." Parmenter said.

The thief or thieves took off with Parmenter's idling 2014 Jetta SE. The couple still had the key, and called police. They said this isn't about the gifts.

Brewhouse Inn

"Cards are easily replaceable. They're just cards. We asked our family for donations for different charities. A lot of people told us which charities they donated to, and that's not something we can easily track, so being able to say 'thank you so much for supporting things that we love too,' I would like to do that," Parmenter said.

Also taken -- the jewelry Pulec gave Parmenter on their wedding day.

William Pulec and Cheryl Parmenter

"It's really the sentimental things that mean the most to us. Like, we don't know what some of those gifts were. We don't know who gave us those cards. We had all these nice messages from our friends and family that we really would have loved to have," Pulec said.

They said all they wanted to do in celebration of their wedding was help others, and even that was stolen on the first day of their marriage, as a new year began.

William Pulec and Cheryl Parmenter

FOX6 News reached out to the valet company -- Third Coast Parking. We have not heard back. On Tuesday, the general manager for Brewhouse Inn said he had no comment and they're cooperating with Milwaukee Police.

Meanwhile, Pulec and Parmenter still have the key to their vehicle, and said once the vehicle was shut off, the key would be required to turn it back on.

A spokesman for Milwaukee Police said the department is investigating and searching for a suspect or suspects and the vehicle.