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“Heartbreaking:” Rosie’s on Taylor, popular restaurant in Racine, destroyed by New Year’s Day fire

RACINE -- A restaurant fire in Racine on New Year's Day destroyed more than a building. Rosie's on Taylor -- a family business -- has been a gathering place for the community the past 15 years.

There was little left of the restaurant on Tuesday, January 2nd after the Monday night fire, as investigators worked to determine what caused it.

Rosie's fire in Racine (STILL from video recorded by SheKendra Poole)

Members of the Racine community recorded the flames that kept firefighters on the scene for hours. One person ran to the owners' home.

"Someone knocked on the door and said 'Rosie's is on fire,'" said Rosemary Trevino.

Trevino's father named his restaurant after his daughter.

"So instantly everyone grabbed any jacket and we all shot out the door," said Trevino.

When they got to the business, Trevino said she saw her father's hard work go up in flames. There was a smaller fire there in 2009.

"It's like deja vu. This is not happening again. This time it was obviously significantly worse," said Trevino.


Rosie's has been known as a gathering place where people meet for coffee, breakfast and friendship. The diner has opened its kitchen on Thanksgiving in the past for those who might not have a meal.

"The community makes it what it is," said Trevino.

Trevino said Tuesday it was too early to know what the future will bring. If possible, they'd like to rebuild.

Rosie's on Taylor in Racine

Rosie's on Taylor in Racine

Rosemary Trevino

"When you see something you worked hard for -- my dad built this restaurant to what it is, and when you see something like that gone -- we just watched it burn (Monday). It's absolutely heartbreaking," said Trevino.

While the fire department investigates the cause, Trevino said the family wants to thank the community for its support and the firefighters who worked so hard in subzero temperatures.