Flash flood watch for multiple counties Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning

“Heightened concern:” When it’s bitterly cold, stranded drivers a priority for Wisconsin State Patrol

Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper Nicholas Lorenzen

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- The bitterly cold temperatures that followed us into the new year are impacting everyone but specifically law enforcement agencies who are busy helping drivers across the state.

"We're going to be looking for disabled vehicles, anybody that appears stranded or in distress," said Wisconsin State Patrol Trooper Nicholas Lorenzen.

Trooper Lorenzen said he often doesn't know what the day will bring, which is part of the reason he enjoys serving on the Wisconsin State Patrol.

On Tuesday January 2nd, Trooper Lorenzen began his shift patrolling the streets of Waukesha around rush hour. He's from Wisconsin and knows how dangerous the elements can be for people on the street.

"You tend to look at people outside with a little bit of heightened concern in this weather," Lorenzen said.

That's why when a call comes in for a stranded vehicle, he worked quickly.

Lorenzen told FOX 6 after responding to dispatch: "[We're] starting off with a disabled vehicle, 94 westbound and Moorland Road, appears to be a flat."

The man called 911 for safety reasons, but he was able to fix his tire on his own. Lorenzen monitored the situation making sure the driver could leave safely.

Lorenzen said in the bitter cold, drivers should have an emergency kit in their vehicle with extra blankets, clothing, a charger and to make sure your phone is fully charged before driving.

"Crashes are going to be on the rise in these cold temperatures. Unfortunately, when we see even a little bit of snowfall, the severe cold is going to make the roadways more dangerous to travel on. We just do our best to stay focused and continue to do our job and complete our missions as we always do," Lorenzen said.

Wisconsin is among a number of states that organizes highway safety patrol operations to clear traffic incidents, move disabled vehicles and manage other traffic hazards. CLICK HERE to learn more.