“It’s getting worse:” Tow truck driver shares cellphone video showing the hazards on the job

CLINTON, Iowa -- A tow truck driver in Iowa has offered motorists a first-hand look at the perils he faces every day -- with a harrowing cellphone video shot during a highway call.

"It's getting worse. There's so many distractions these days," said Tyler Petersen, tow truck driver.

In the video, cars and semis are shown barreling down the highway, inches away from the tow truck driver as he prepared to tow a car.

At one point, he can be seen lying on the shoulder of the road with a semi whizzing by, dangerously close to him. That semi driver then gives him the middle finger.

"In the video, I threw up my hands. The guy was flipping me off, like it's my fault I was almost hit by him," he said.

Iowa law doesn't mandate moving over for tow truck drivers, but police say it is a common sense, life-saving courtesy.

"It's specific for law enforcement vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, but if you see flashing lights, please move over," said Shawn Voights, traffic bureau commander with the Davenport Police Department.

The 22-year-old has been towing cars for the family business for years, and said he shot the video to inspire others to think about the lives of tow truck drivers.

"People need to slow down and be more aware of their surroundings on the road. Pay attention. I'm not in hazard every day as much as people in bigger cities," he said. "When you're in a ditch, who's coming to get you? We are."