“Added layer of protection:” Milwaukee County Jail now has an inmate wellness monitor

Milwaukee County Jail

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Jail now has an inmate wellness monitor. Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt recently assigned a command level sworn officer to the jail for this purpose.

A news release from the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office issued on Wednesday, January 3rd said, “Increasingly, the inmate population that is brought into our care has severe health and drug abuse issues. For many, their health has been compromised due to years of poor nutrition, lack of proper medical care, and abuse of alcohol and drugs.”

Acting Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt

The acting sheriff said the inmate wellness monitor is “an added layer of protection for these more fragile inmates, especially those with special needs, disciplinary and communication problems, and acute medical, mental and behavioral health issues.”

Sheriff Schmidt said in a statement:

“The alarming rate of opioid drug abuse and mental health issues reported in the general community is magnified in our inmate population. Dedicating a command level sworn officer to oversee these aspects of inmate wellness will benefit both the inmates and those who supervise their medical care in the jail.”

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