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“I think I’m going into labor:” MCTS driver honored for helping pregnant woman until ambulance arrived

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) driver is being praised for her great work helping a pregnant woman in labor.

According to MCTS, driver Tayetta Currin was traveling on her bus route on Christmas Eve when she spotted a woman walking near the street who looked like she needed help.

Currin quickly stopped, pulled over and spoke to the woman -- who indicated she was 7 months pregnant.

The woman can be heard in the video saying," I think I'm going into labor."

The video shows Currin as she helped the woman out of the cold and onto the bus. Currin stayed with the woman until an ambulance arrived.

She was honored before a Common Council meeting Wednesday, Jan. 17, and there was also a big surprise for her, courtesy some Milwaukee entrepreneurs who saw her story and wanted to "pay it forward:"