Make a resolution to get in shape? This gym offers a wide variety of options

BROWN  DEER -- Plenty of people are starting the new year with the resolution to get in shape. But just what style of workout best fits your goals and health needs? Carl spent the morning at a Solful Fitness -- a gym that offers a wide variety of options.

About Solful Fitness (website)

Solful Fitness is a wellness community that will empower, motivate and inspire you to care for your body, mind and spirit. With our determined, compassionate team of instructors and trainers we will help you embrace what you are capable of achieving by making the goals you only dreamed of a reality.

Our friendly environment will make you feel like family as we work together to focus on your individual needs to get you the results that you deserve. Through our specially designed Solful Fitness classes, from cardio kickboxing to yoga and indoor cycling to TRX and POUND, you will find options and a community that will leave you feeling energized, strong and empowered.