MPS deals with “isolated incidents” of pipes freezing, lack of heat in some classrooms

Forest Home Ave. Elementary School

MILWAUKEE — Students were able to return to class in Milwaukee Public Schools on Wednesday, January 3rd, but not before the bitterly cold temperatures caused issues at a few of schools.

Officials said in a statement that they experienced “a few isolated incidents of pipes freezing that has caused disruption to a handful of classes. In these instances, we have mobile crews that are equipped to immediately respond.”

The most significant issue was seen at Forest Home Ave. Elementary School — where part of the building lost heat. Crews isolated the affected area with the damaged pipe and repaired the pipe. Officials said the boiler was running again. Families of Forest Home students were notified that the kids were being moved to South Division High School, where many families opted to pick up their children.

Eight other MPS buildings also experienced minor cases of pipes freezing. However, classes continued in those buildings.

Forest Home Ave. Elementary School