Already serving life behind bars, Christopher Anderson sentenced to 10 more years in prison

Christopher Anderson

MILWAUKEE — He was convicted in November of trying to have three people killed while he was being held in jail. On Thursday, January 4th, a Milwaukee County judge sentenced Christopher Anderson to 10 years in prison and another 10 years of extended supervision.

Anderson was convicted on three counts of solicitation of first degree intentional homicide. The judge sentenced him to 5 years of initial confinement and another 5 years of extended supervision on each count. The sentences on two of the counts were ordered to be served consecutively.

Anderson had already been serving life in prison without the possibility of parole after he was convicted on eight felony counts in three other criminal cases.

Christopher Anderson

In the cases in which he was sentenced to life in prison, Anderson was convicted of killing two men in 6 days in October of 2016. He was also convicted in connection with the kidnapping of a man who was set on fire and shot, and in connection with the attempted fatal shooting of a homicide witness. He and three others were charged in connection with a violent home invasion/armed robbery — all of these crimes happening between September and November of 2016.

He was sentenced to life in prison in June 2017.