Delafield doctor to run 5Ks in all 50 states in 50 days raising mental illness awareness

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Dr. Adel Korkor

DELAFIELD -- He's run over 200 marathons, but now one local doctor is taking on a new challenge. He's hoping to wipe out the stigma of mental illness one race at a time.

Warm up, stretch, run -- it's been a lifestyle for Delafied physician, Doctor Adel Korkor.

"I have been involved in taking care of patients for the last 37 years," said Dr. Korkor.

Dr. Adel Korkor

Now, Dr. Korkor is using his passion for running to help others.

"There's always a component of mental health issues that those patients have that we're really not addressing," said Dr. Korkor.

Dr. Korkor used running as a way to improve his own mental health after struggling with anxiety, and he wants to spread awareness throughout the country.

Dr. Adel Korkor

"There's something I can do about this. Here I am, I'm doing this because it's helping me physically and mentally but you know there's a big problem out there behind me, and I need to go out there and deliver that message. Well you know what? I can run a 5K in every state, and carry out that message and do something. Five Fifty Fifty sounded really good so I realized, it can be done," Korkor said.

The goal of the Five Fifty Fifty: run 5Ks in all 50 states in 50 days.

Dr. Adel Korkor

"It's gonna be a big challenge, I've never done this before," Korkor said. "The most important thing is the core, core and balance, and endurance, that's gonna be the biggie."

So the training begins...and as the adventure nears for Dr. Korkor, the emotions reach an all-time high.

Dr. Adel Korkor

Dr. Adel Korkor

"Anxiety, I think it's a big task and ask much as it is a challenge for my physically, it's more of a challenge for the message. I want the message to get across. I want people to know that mental health problem is common, it's everywhere and people that suffer from it are not alone," said Korkor.

In an effort to stop the suffering, the Five Fifty Fifty Run/Walk Series is racing to help, one state at a time.

"Time is of the essence, there is no time to waste, we can't wait another 100 days or year to be up in every state. We need to be out there now, we need to do it fast and get the message across. It is a crisis we have in our country," Dr. Korkor said.

The Five Fifty Fifty Run/Walk Series will feature organized events in each state and is open to the public.

Dr. Korkor's journey begins in Hawaii on May 5th, and comes to Milwaukee in June.

Dr. Adel Korkor

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