Possible cold weather-related death: Elderly woman found collapsed in attached garage

Cold weather death near 20th and Grange

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County medical examiner is investigating the possible cold weather-related death of an elderly woman.

According to the medical examiner, the woman was found collapsed in her attached garage near 20th and Grange.

An autopsy will be performed Thursday, January 4th.

Cold weather death near 20th and Grange

The medical examiner noted this is the third probable weather-related death in the county, after two men, ages 51 and 34, were found dead on New Year's Eve.

The woman's neighbor said he was surprised to learn this may be cold weather-related.

"She was just a nice lady that lived next door. She was older. I just tried to be a good neighbor and help her out here and there. She kept her heat up higher than mine. She wasn't terribly mobile. I watched them carry her out and, you know, I just gave her a silent goodbye," he said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett spoke about the cold weather on Thursday, warning people should take precautions. He provided tips on staying safe during the bitter cold:

  • Let someone know you are going outside
  • Prepare a cold weather emergency kit
  • Always wear appropriate clothing -- make sure exposed skin is covered
  • Heat your home with devices approved for indoors and never use a stove top to heat your home
  • Remember your pets! If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for them

"We don't want to have any situations where individuals lose their lives and become victims of frostbite or serious bodily injury because they are not protected in the elements. There is still capacity at both day centers and night centers for individuals that need to come out of the cold. Call 2-1-1 if you need a place to stay in this weather. We want you to be safe," Barrett said.

The mayor also warned people about idling their vehicles to warm them up. With the spike in stolen vehicles during the winter, the mayor said you should only warm vehicles with caution, and don't leave your car unlocked or unattended while doing so.

CLICK HERE to view Milwaukee County warming shelter information.