Police: Referee allegedly assaulted by UW-Rock County basketball coaches at UW-Waukesha

UW-Waukesha Fieldhouse

WAUKESHA — A college basketball coach is under investigation after police in Waukesha say he attacked an official. This happened after a close game at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha.

Police said Monday, January 8th the investigation has been completed, and charges have been referred to the district attorney. Police have recommended charges of battery and disorderly conduct against both suspects in this case — the coach and the team’s manager.

During the game with UW-Rock County on Wednesday night, January 5th, the home Cougars walked away with a close win. The visiting Rock County Rattlers were left wondering whether their coach will ever be with the team again.

UW-Rock County officials said Head Coach Jamal Mosley was placed on administrative leave,  facing charges of disorderly conduct and battery. The school released the following statement:

“Mr. Jamal Mosley, University of Wisconsin-Rock County men’s basketball coach, has been placed on administrative leave by UW Colleges following charges of disorderly conduct and battery arising from an incident after the January 3 men’s basketball game versus University of Wisconsin-Waukesha.  An internal investigation by UW Colleges is underway.

Our campus communities are distressed by this unfortunate event and are fully cooperating with law enforcement in Waukesha.  We must also focus on providing resources for our students and on completing the basketball season for the UW-Rock County Rattlers men’s team.”

Jamal Mosley

Waukesha police said Mosley and a team manager allegedly attacked a basketball referee after the game. The ref was injured, but did not require medical attention.

Police did not arrest the coach on scene, instead making contact with all those involved after the incident.

The referee, who is from Madison, declined to talk to our media partners there, but other officials said this must be taken seriously.

“It’s not about the rightness or the wrongness of the calls. It’s just impossible to go down that road,” said Barry Mano with the National Association of Sports Officials.

Mano’s organization, based in Racine has 26,000 members nationwide.

Mano said bad behavior is most often seen at the youth level and more often than not from parents. He said college coaches know better.

“But at this level, junior college, it’s clearly a complete understanding of what the rules of the game are and what acceptable behavior is — so to the fullest extent of the law this coach needs to be prosecuted,” said Mano.

For now, UW-Rock County will be coached by the athletic director.

“This is not fooling around. This is not acceptable to have this kind of behavior,” said Mano.

Police said Mosley and the team’s manager turned themselves in, and they’ve cooperated with the investigation. They were booked and released pending a review by the district attorney.

FOX6’s attempt to reach Coach Mosley to get his side of the story was unsuccessful. Officials at UW-Waukesha also declined comment.