U.S. Marshals seek 27-year-old Javon Hunt; wanted for selling drugs and stealing cars

MILWAUKEE -- Wanted for distribution of cocaine and distribution of heroin, these are the crimes authorities say 27-year old Javon Hunt committed while he was on parole.

"Since 2004, he's been arrested multiple times for distribution of heroin...marijuana and cocaine. Some of those involving fire arms as well,” the U.S. Marshal assigned to Hunt’s case said.

The original crime that sent Hunt behind bars was in 2013, when he was charged and convicted with possession of cocaine, party to a crime -- his second offense at the time.

Hunt was caught with cocaine during a traffic stop in the City of West Allis. Prosecutors say five out of eight cellphones in the vehicle belonged to him. His excuse was that the mothers of his children use different lines.

Agents say he's been a drug dealer since the age of 14.

Despite his criminal history, agents say he's served little time in prison and that he's rejected every opportunity to turn his life around.

Hunt is described as a black male, 5'7" tall, weighing 190 pounds. He has tattoos on his arms and hands that spell out the word, "mob" and "Rome."

Javon Hunt


The gang he's affiliated with operates on Milwaukee's north side, but Hunt's movements have been difficult to narrow down. The gang is also responsible for several carjackings in the City of Milwaukee.

"He's a part of the heroin epidemic going on in this city,” the U.S. Marshal said. “Along with the carjacking for both of those causes, it's imperative that we put him in jail."


If you have any information on Hunt's whereabouts, you're asked to call the tipline at 414-297-3707.