“This ain’t no game:” Milwaukee man accused in 3 armed robberies; 1 with an accomplice

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man is facing multiple charges in connection with three armed robberies taking place within a 5-month period -- one of them with an accomplice. He's accused of targeting his own ex-girlfriend, luring her to Milwaukee after discovering she had a Rolex watch she was looking to get appraised.

Marcus Harris

28-year-old Marcus Harris of Milwaukee faces the following charges:

  • Armed robbery, habitual criminality repeater, as party to a crime -- two counts
  • Armed robbery, habitual criminality repeater -- two counts
  • First degree reckless injury, habitual criminality repeater, use of a dangerous weapon
  • Possession of a firearm by a person convicted of a felony, habitual criminality repeater -- three counts

27-year-old Timothy Nelson of Milwaukee faces two counts of armed robbery as party to a crime

According to a criminal complaint, investigators spoke with a man and woman who indicated they were robbed at gunpoint on June 3rd, around 2:45 a.m., after they left the 42nd Street Bar and Grill near 42nd and Burleigh. They said they were approached by a suspect who pulled a gun out of his waistband and said "this ain't no game. Gimme your (expletive)." A second suspect approached from a nearby alley, also armed. The victims indicated the first suspect began searching the woman -- taking a purse containing a wallet, driver's license, Social Security card, three pre-paid debit cards and car keys -- also taking items from the man, including a wallet with driver's license, pre-paid MasterCard, $43 in cash, and a cellphone. The victims said they were then ordered to start walking northbound on 42nd Street, and "to not turn around." As they were walking, they reported hearing three gunshots behind them.

They returned to the area 10 minutes later and the suspects were gone.

The complaint says investigators recovered three spent casings near the alley, and the victims were able to identify Harris and Nelson as the suspects, via a photo array.

Timothy Nelson

Ten days later, on June 23rd, police were called out to a report of a shooting following an armed robbery outside a bar near 40th and North Avenue.

According to the complaint, a woman was sitting in a vehicle, with her male cousin standing outside the vehicle, when a suspect, later identified as Harris via a photo array, approached them and pulled out a gun, saying "you know what time it is." The male victim told the suspect he could have his phone and money. The complaint says the suspect took the victim's phone, keys, cigarettes and $50 in cash. The suspect then knocked on the driver's side window, and the vehicle began pulling away. That's when the female driver indicated she heard six to seven gunshots.

Investigators responded to Froedtert Hospital, where the female victim was being treated for two gunshot wounds. The victim, a CCW permit holder, said she pulled her handgun out of the holster during the armed robbery and racked the slide. She said when the suspect tapped on her window and ordered her to roll it down, fearing for her safety, she fired two to three times in the suspect's direction, before driving away. She said she was shot at multiple times and called 911 once she reached her home.

The complaint says four spent casings were found in the street.

Casings found at the scene of the June 3rd armed robbery and shots fired incident were compared with the casings found at the scene on June 23rd, and it was discovered they were likely fired from the same weapon.

Police were called out to a third armed robbery on November 14th. The victim in this case indicated Harris was her ex-boyfriend. She told investigators he had robbed her at gunpoint, and she had reported the incident to his probation agent. She said it happened on November 12th when she, her sister, her 2-month-old child, and two other children ages 1 and 2, headed to Milwaukee to get a watch appraised. She said before coming to Milwaukee, she had discussed the watch with Harris and he told her to come to Milwaukee and they'd get it appraised. She said she met with Harris at 40th and Wright, and Harris got into the driver's seat of her vehicle. They then drove around to different jewelery stores, which were all closed. Eventually, Harris drove to the area near 45th and Lisbon, where the complaint indicates Harris showed a firearm and pointed the gun at the victim and her sister and said "there's 35 rounds in here. Which one of you want it?"

The complaint says Harris then took the watch and exited the vehicle.

Investigators were able to take a look at text messages between the victim and Harris, which indicated she asked for the watch back and Harris replied: "Mann im not going to lie im taking this watch till tomorrow."

The gun was recovered on November 13th. The complaint indicates a search warrant was executed at Harris' home near 76th and Keefe, and it was found in a child's bedroom -- on the floor. Harris was arrested.

Prosecutors say the watch belonging to Harris' ex-girlfriend was also recovered from the home.

The complaint notes that on November 21st, when investigators went to retrieve DNA from Harris, he stated: "I should have shot y'all. The first one that came through the door, I should have shot him in the face. When can I get my gun back? I want my gun back."

Prosecutors say Harris was previously convicted of possession of a short-barreled shotgun/rifle in 2007 and possession of narcotic drugs, second or subsequent offense in 2016.