MPS board committee discusses $100K in pay increases for nearly 2 dozen administrators

MILWAUKEE -- What some consider to be lofty pay increases at Milwaukee Public Schools were a topic of discussion Tuesday night, Jan. 9 during a committee meeting.

A new report claims nearly two dozen top MPS administrators received a collective $100,000 in pay increases.

Teachers union officials said they believe this was intentionally kept quiet. MPS officials said the salary increases in question were included as part of the 2017-2018 budget.

At the committee meeting, some voiced concern.

"This is, in fact, above my pay grade. It's not above my understanding that this does not serve the children of MPS well and it's a slap in the face to our teacher community in general," one person said.

"We need to know as a public, what you are doing ahead of time. If you're gonna give somebody a $100,000 salary $17,000 more, something wrong with you," one person said.

MPS officials said the salary adjustments were done following several conditions, including restructuring of duties and job reclassifications.