Police: Convicted felon on supervision shot by officer during pursuit may have been involved in recent robbery

West Grove Apartments

WAUKESHA -- A high-speed chase in Waukesha came to a heart-pounding conclusion Monday night, Jan. 8. What began as an attempted traffic stop ended with the suspect getting shot by police.

Police said officers were trying to pull over a car spotted traveling recklessly near S. Grandview Blvd. and Mac Arthur Rd. Instead of stopping, the man behind the wheel sped off into the West Grove Apartments complex.

Residents at the apartment complex got an unexpected front-row seat to the chase that went through their backyards.

"There were 11, 12 police cars. There were a lot of cars," said Ronnie Cone.

Around 7 p.m., police began pursuing the fleeing car through the different driveways around the complex.

West Grove Apartments

"I just smelled smoke, probably from the car racing. It was going that fast...and so were the cops," said Dave Christnacht.

"We got a lot of turns here. He hit something. We heard a loud bang here and the cops drove by again. More cops came," said Eduardo Lopez.

After 5 minutes, the driver got out of the car and started to run. Two officers ran after him, and at one point police said an officer "feared the suspect was accessing a weapon and was forced to shoot the suspect to stop the threat." The bullet struck the man's leg, wounding him.

West Grove Apartments

"Instead of deadly force, they shot him in the leg -- which is a good thing," said Christnacht.

Police have not identified the suspect, but said he's a 55-year-old convicted felon, who was on supervision through the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, and may have been involved in a recent armed robbery.

"It doesn't really surprise me because crime keeps going everywhere. It doesn't seem to stop," said Christnacht.

Officer-involved shooting in Waukesha

Officer-involved shooting in Waukesha